We Provide a Comprehensive ECU Remapping Service in Campbellfield

Campbellfield Automotive provide vehicles with an effective and thorough ECU remapping service in the Campbellfield and Broadmeadows region. We utilise state of the art technology to ensure that your vehicle is receiving a service that is modern and high-quality. We want to see your vehicle ready for the conditions of the road that may not have been taken into account by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Feel free to get in contact with the trusted team of mechanics at Campbellfield Automotive to arrange a consultation for the ECU remapping of your vehicle.

How does ECU Remapping work?

When developing a new vehicle, a manufacturer may not take into account the conditions the vehicle may be exposed to in a specific area. Therefore, the manufacturer has to make compromises for the ECU’s program or ‘map’ to create the best level of fuel efficiency and performance for the vehicle.

As a result, it may be necessary to have your vehicle ‘re-mapped’ so that it can run at its fullest potential in the environment you drive in. Manufacturers don’t necessarily consider a region’s conditions when producing a new vehicle. This can include altitude, the standard of fuel in the region, and extreme temperatures which may tamper with your vehicle’s level of performance.

When the team at Campbellfield Automotive remap a vehicle, we use the data presented on the vehicle’s ECU chip of the existing map and adjust some of the differing parameters of the vehicle. This may include boost pressure, fuel pressure, throttle pedal control, and ignition advance.

Having your vehicle dyno tuned is a safe process that will improve the overall performance of your vehicle, making it more efficient to drive.

Contact our friendly team to book in a consultation

If you would like to have your vehicle ECU remapped, and would like to book in consultation with our team of mechanics, feel free to contact the staff at our garage. In the consultation, we will discuss your vehicle, its map, and how we can make it more suited to your driving conditions.

Feel free to call 03 9357 8108 or send us a message via our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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